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ECG/EKG cable &lead wires manufacturer overview

As an old upstream leading ECG cable lead wires manufacturer for worldwide ICU Patient Monitor System Accessories Manufacturers.ECG cable supplier are Our customers, themselves are finished ECG patient cable manufacturers.World-widely,China manufacturers takes up about 75% of all ECG EKG assembly companies.We focus on Reusable ECG lead wire customization and producing.All ECG/EKG leadwires we even customized&produced are over 1000 types.OEM and ODM is our main service.

The ECG trunk cable and leawires we make complies with AAMI EC 53-2013 standard

AAMI EC 53 -2013 R2020.pdf


 Our ECG Lead use tinned copper,silvered copper or Tinned/silvered Tinsel or carbon-fiber.

Carbon fiber is almost transparent on x-ray and other imaging equipment because of its property . So patients DO NOT  need to remove the electrode wires  before imaging—providing an invaluable safeguard to the patient ,especially who need 24 hours monitoring. Carbon fiber also used in AED Pads cable because of this reason .Flexibility is another important  reason ,our 1-Million bending test ECG leads use Carbon-fiber 

In this ECG Craiglist,We only show a small part of them.Items listed on this Craiglist are supplied to world famous brands,such as Medtronic,GE,Philips,Masimo…

Focused on following ECG cable and lead wires manufacturing

Among thousands medical cable we made,we take some typical molds to demostrate the regular specification and special spec of different leads ecg cables and leadwires,and simply introduce their applications,advantages and disadvantages

Single lead ECG electrodes wire

  • Among all ECG leadwires,the ECG eletrodes wire directly touch patient body,and move most ,and it is the origin of ECG signal.  key factors to consider when choose ECG electrodes wires:
  • Good Flexibility:usually the smaller OD the conductors is,the more flexible the electrodes cable will be.Choose a suitable conductor and matchable cond
  • Good low noise performance:the better the conductivity of the low noise layer is,the better its noise performance will be
  •  Biocompatibility are basic requirement for medical cables.
  • Anti-twist performance:As reusable ecg leadwires will be used for many times,and there are many leadwires,they may  be knoted  together. Good anti-twist performance can help nurse or doctor collect the ECG set easier. Usually the bigger the OD is,the better the anti-twist performance will be.
single lead wire ECG cable EC201S-001

ø2.80士0.10;TPU (5040);Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

Lead 1 Ecg Single Core Shielded Wire Ecg Electrode Snap Cable EC201S-002

ø3.0士0.10;TPU (5040);Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

ECG 1 Lead Ecg Snap Cable |EC201S-005

ø2.9士0.10;TPU (4394);
Tinned Copper+Nylon


ø2.2士0.10;TPU (5040);
Carbon Fiber

Silvered Tinsel Single lead ECG cable|Ecg Snap Cable-EC201S-007

ø2.20士0.10;TPU (5040);Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

small OD single core TPU medical cable

ø2.0士0.10;TPU (5040); Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

ecg multimed cable manufacturers

Among ecg multimed cable manufacturers ,even ecg lead cable brands, they usually do not have a full series ecg multimed cable range from 2 leads to 18 leads. As we are an upstreaming supplier for those ecg multimed cable  assembly manufacturers,we have the most comprehensive ecg lead cable type:2 leads,3 leads,4 leads, 5  leads,6 leads, 7 leads,10 leads,11 leads,16 leads,and 18 leads

The ecg multimed cable  types include:

round and flat in term of shape; 

IEC and AHA in terms of color coding

2 Leads ECG cable

Technically speaking,the most suitable structure of 2 lead ecg cable is Flat Ribbon cable.there will be no much difference in the OD  to  make  3 wire or 4 wire cable.2 lead flat ribbon ECG cable can realize best Low noise performance

2 leads ECG cable Shielded ribbon cable style

ø3.25*2C;TPU;Tinned Tinsel+KEVLAR, Flat ECG Cable

2 core shielded cable Low Noise cable

ø2.0;TPE;Bared Copper, Two ECG Cable

3 leads ECG cable

Similar to 2 lead ecg flat ribbon ECG cable,the 3 lead ecg cable are usually in the form of flat ribbon,and the conductors are using Tinsel wire. 

Tinsel wire+ Flat ribbon is an ideal structure for ECG signal,its low noise performance is very good.

Disadvantage:tinsel wire is hard to strip the insulation

ECG cable EC203S

ø3.20*3C;TPU;Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR, Flat ECG Cable

ø2.0*3C;PVC,Tinned Copper, Flat ECG Cable

3 lead ECG cable Flexible and Low Noise

ø2.8mm;TPU;Tinned copper Alloy +KEVLAR 33AWG*3C+Drain

3 lead ECG cable with Special structure

ø5.0mm;TPU;Tinned copper Alloy +KEVLAR 26AWG*3C

4 leads ECG cable

4 leads ecg trunk cable has some difference from regular ECG trunk cable,as you will see in following cables,its wires may not in the same specification,or as extra drain wire,or special low noise layer,or irregular OD.Every 4 leads ecg cable brands has its own spec.

ECG cable EC204S

ø4.8士0.10,TPU5040,Bared Copper*3C;Tinned Tinsel*1C

4 Leads ECG cable Low Noise and flexible

ø2.8mm;TPU;Tinned copper Alloy +KEVLAR 33AWG*4C+Drain wire


ø4.0士0.20;11/0.05TSN;Graphene Low Noise Layer;TPU (5040)

4 Lead ECG cableEC204S-002

ø2.5士0.10,TPU5040,25/0.05TC*4C;Spiral shield

5 lead ECG cable

Among ecg multimed cable,5 lead ecg cable are the most typical cable in ECG application.So it has diversified forms,structures and spec.there are 5 lead ecg cable with PVC jacket(usually reusalbe ECG cable adopt TPU Jacket)

5 Lead ECG cable PVC EC205S-001

ø5.2士0.15 ;19/0.10 Bared Copper+250D Nylon;Sprial shield;PVC

5 lead ECG cable EC205S-002

ø5.55士0.15;19/0.10 Bared Copper士0.008;Spiral Shield;TPU (5040)

5 lead ECG cable-Flat Ribbon Cable

ø2.00士0.10*5C;19/0.10 Tinned Copper士0.008;Sprial shield;PVC​

5 Lead ECG EKG Cable Spiraling Shielding With Drain Wire

ø5.0士0.15;28/0.0.08TC士0.008;Drain wire;Spiral shield;TPU (8955-77A)

5 Lead ECG Cable Spiraling Shielded With Drain Wire for Mindray 5 leads ECG cable.This 5 leads ECG cable is equipment with drainwire lined to t he conducting layer

ø5.3士0.10;19/0.1TC士0.008;Spiral Shield;TPU5040

5 Lead ECG cable EC205S-004 image

ø5.3士0.1;19/0.10TC士0.008;Drain wire;Braiding Shield;PVC

6 leads ECG cable-Low Noise

6 lead ecg are mainly used by two brands,such as kardia 6 lead ecg cable ,alivecor 6 lead ecg.Low Noise Performance is a key factors they care.



ø4.40士0.20;8/0.05±0.003 TC+ARAMID FIBER YARN;Low Noise;TPU (5040)

ECG cable EC206S-002


ø4.5士0.10;19/0.08TC;Spiral Shield; TPU (DY201)


ø3.25士0.10/19.5士0.5; 7/0.23 Tinned Tinsel+200D KEVLAR;PVC,Spiral Shield

Graphene coating cable


ø4.40士0.20;11/0.05TSN;Graphene Low Noise Layer;TPU (5040)

6 Lead ECG Cable with Braid shield


ø5.5士0.20;19/0.08TSN;Braiding;TPU (5040)



ø5.0士0.20;19/0.08TSN;Graphene Low Noise Layer;TPU (5040)

7 Leads ECG cable-Low Noise

7 lead ecg cable are using in normal 7 lead ECG machine,and Holter Recorder.Cable for holter recorder are usually in the form of Flat ribbon cable without low noise layer and shielding,its condcutors are usually Tinsel wire

φ4.40+0.20;8/0.05±0.003 TC+ARAMID FIBER YARN;Low Noise;TPU (5040)​

7 Lead Flat Ribbon Tinsel lead wire

ø1.80士0.10/*7F;7/0.28 Silvered Tinsel+200D KEVLAR;For Holter Record;TPU5040

10 leads ECG cable

10 lead ecg cable is intended for 12 lead ecg monitoring.TPU jacket with OD around 6.0 mm outerdiameter is the main stream. With the more and more strict requirement for Low Noise performance,Graphene coating be come very popular.

ECG trunk cable EC210S-001

ø6.0士0.15;19/0.08TC+250D Nylon;Spiral Shield; TPU (5040)

ECG cable EC210S-002

ø2.0士0.10*10C; 40/0.05TC;Spiral shielding;TPU

10 lead ECG cable EC210S-003

ø5.4士0.15;11/0.08BC+200D KEVLAR;Spiral Shielding;TPU5040

ECG cable EC210S-004

ø6.50士0.15;19/0.08TC+250DNylon;Spiral Shielding;TPU (4394)

ø6.50士0.15;9C*19/0.08TC+250DNylon;1C*Tinsel,Spiral Shielding;TPU (5040)

ø6.0±0. 15;19/0.08TC;Graphne Coating;Braiding Shield;TPU

ECG cable EC210X

ø1.50士0.10/*10C;7/0.18+130D KEVLAR;For Holter Record;TPU

11 lead ecg cable-Double Braiding

11 lead ecg cable with TC braiding and extral Kevlar braiding  using Graphene coating as Low noise layear and Tinned Copper braiding as shield,and extral Kevlar Braiding to enhance the strength

11 lead double braided Low Noise ECG cable

ø6.50士0.15*11C;19/0.08TSN+Graphene Coating;Braid Shielding;TPU Jacket

11 lead ECG cable Graphene coating double braid

ø6.50士0.15*11C;19/0.08TSN+Graphene Coating;Braid Shielding;Kevlar braid protection

13 conductor Cable for eCG

13 lead ecg cable is a new trend in ECG monitoring. In terms of cable,the 13 lead ECG monitoring usually use 11conductor round cable or 13 conductor flat cable,like EC213S

Flat 13 core cable for 13 lead ECG

ø2.0/26.5.士0.8*13C;19/0.1 TC;Spiral Shield;TPU Jacket

16 lead ecg cable

16 lead ecg is intended for HighDefinition ECG machine to detect conduction abnormalities in structural heart disease.

There is not many  ecg multimed cable manufacturer of this type. 16 leads ecg cable  is not an ideal structure considering EC 53 standard for ECG .We recommend that the “Low Noise Layer ” use graphene coating than common conducting PVC or TPE layer when the leads number is more than 10 leads.

16 leads ECG cable

ø6.50士0.15*16C;19/0.08TC+250DNylon;Spiral Shielding;TPU Jacket

18 leads ECG cable

18-lead ECG is the extention of  the 12-lead ECG waveforms to mathematically derive the waveforms of the right chest leads (V3R, V4R, V5R) and back leads (V7, V8, V9). 

18 leads ecg multimed cable is neither regular,the more cores the cables its,the hard to to realized low noise performance and small cable diameters. So to  ecg multimed cable manufacturer,it is a chanllenge .

ECG cable EC218S

ø7.0士0.15;19/0.08TC+250D Nylon;Spiral Shielding;TPU (5040)

If you are finished ecg cable suppliers ?

We have many advantages over normal cable manufacturers.we have been serving ECG cable suppliers for many years.the problems no matter they are about quality,lead time or new products development,we are experienced.we will provide free design and can also help you to test samples from other cable manufacturers to tell apart the difference between us.

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