Silvered Tinsel Single lead ECG cable|Ecg Snap Cable raw ecg cable-EC201S-007

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This Single lead ECG cable for Ecg Snap Cable adopt Silvered Tinsel wire as conductor

Tinsel is widely used when the application enviroment need the cable to be flexible.Tinsel,s Resistance is bigger than copper wire .there are two types of Tinsel used a lot:one is Silver-plated tinsel;another is Tinned tinsel. Considering the Tinsel Resistance ,Small OD and Flexibility.Silver plated Tinsel is used more than tinned tinsel.

Silvered Tinsel Single lead ECG cable|Ecg Snap Cable-EC201S-007
Silvered Tinsel Single lead ECG cable|Ecg Snap Cable-EC201S-007
EC201S-006 cutting diagram
EC201S-007 cutting diagram

technical specification

1:Specification:7/0.23 Silver-plated Tinsel+200DKEVLAR+52/0.08TC*1C  2.20 MM TPU
ComponentComponent 1
CondoctorMaterial7/0.23 Silver-plated Tinsel+200DKEVLAR
Pitch DirectionLeft
Stranded O.D0.65
O.D ( mm)1.05-/0.03
AVG. Thickness ( mm)0.20
Min. Thickness ( mm)0.16

Conductive layer
MaterialConductive PVC
O.D( mm)1.3±0.03
AVG. Thickness ( mm)0.12
Min. Thickness ( mm)0.10
Outer shieldMaterialTINNED  COPPER
TypeSpiral 52±3/0.08
JacketMaterialTPU 5040
O.D ( mm)2.2±0.10
AVG. Thickness ( mm)0.37
Min. Thickness ( mm)0.29
 4.Electronic properties
1. The maximum conductor resistance: 0.80Ω/M;
2. Insulation resistance: DC500V insulation above 500 (test sample wire 3m)
3. Bending test: load 200g, lifting height 300mm, fixture round angle R12.7mm, swing speed 30 times/min 2*90°), 5000 times or more, no short, open circuit and external insulation damage.
4. High voltage test: core wire and core wire, core wire and shield AC1000V resistance, leakage current 0.25mA/M/MIN.
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