12 leads ECG/EKG Placement with 10 leads ECG cable

12 lead ECG placement on Fat guy guide

Comprehensive interpretation to 12 leads ECG system.Introduce the 12 lead ECG placement with picture,diagram and video.Technically anylysis how to optimize ECG monitoring performance and Reduceg Artifact

Low Noise Cables


Graphene is currently the thinnest, hardest and most conductive nanomaterial in the world. Patent Graphene-Coated Low Noise Cable can realized Triboelectric noise as low as to 25 microvolts. This is the ideal solution for Low noise cable which need Multi-cores with limited OD. A typical conductive layer added to the insulation can reduce noise to less than 50 microvolts.

3 lead ECG and Placement

3 lead ECG placement

3 leads ecg cable ECG cable EC203S EC203S cutting diagram 3 lead ecg placement and preparation Skin preparation Proper skin prep is essential to obtain good quality tracing: Choose designated chest electrode placement sites Avoid …

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