USB 3.0 Cable Specification PDF Based On Coaxial |Download

These USB 3.0 Cable Specification are based on coaxial,and its different from the typical USB3.0 cable ,which has 9 wires in total,3 pair which make the cable stiff,easy to break and terrible Data and Signal Attenuation,especially for long distance transmission

In order to solve  these problem,we design and Prove the specification we publish here are good enough to meet following purpose:

  • 1  Small OD,which meet the data transmission in limited space
  • 2  Flexible:Coaxial cable itself is more soft and Flexible than Twisted pair,especially than Shielded Twisted pair.The more wires there is,the difference will be more distinct.During the application,Twisted structure is easier to be influenced than Coaxial
  • 3 Low Attenuation,It is easier for coaxial to  control the Attenuation than Twisted pair structure


3.6MM 9 wire USB3.0 For 3 Meter Distance Specification Datasheet

4.1MM 11 Wire USB3.0 For 3 meter Distance Specification Datasheet

If you also have questions about the usb 3.0 power delivery specification,you will know it via this link

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2.84MM USB 16 wire 8X34AWG+1PX34AWG+4X34AWG+2X28AWG Specification Datasheet

3.5MM USB3.1 15 wire 8×34AWG+1PX34AWG+4×32AWG+1×24AWG Specification Datasheet

3.5MM USB3.1 16 wire 8X36AWG+1Px34AWG+4x34AWG+2X26AWG Specification Datasheet

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