Defibrillator Paddle cable & AED Electrodes Pads Cable


In the past, As the patient Monitor system accessories manufacturing center, China was focused on some basic items, such as ECG cable,EKG cable,EEG leads,Spo2,ESU Pencil….As the upstream cable supplier, China medical cable suppliers seldom engaged in AED cable wire development for AED paddles and Pads.

Until Mindray developed China First AED(automated external defibrillator) in 2009,the global AED market changed,AED is no more a devices only Hospital can afford. Defibrillator price decreased 50%.Till 2009,Mindray become the Fourth Main AED manufacturer besides of Phicon,ZOLL,Philips

China Medical cable manufacturer start to custom AED cable ( AED leads) to interconnect between its power unit and the patient paddle or Pads.

 AED electrode pads become a mainstreamcompared with Paddles,AED Pads/Gel are used to reduce transthoracic impedance when paddles are applied directly to the chest wall to deliver a shock. Better protective for patients and doctors. Especially with Mindray intellectual AED, an un-trained person can also make an emergency rescue under the guide of the defibrillators’ screen and voice

Trunk and Branch AED cable for Defibirllator Paddle

AED cable application for Defibrillator Paddle
AED cable application for Defibrillator Paddle
1+7 branch AED pad cable
1+7 Branch AED cable for Defibrillator Paddle
defibrillator Pad Cable
Trunk cable for Defibrillator Paddle

AED leads for Electrodes Pads & Gel

AED cable application-Cable for Pads/Gel
AED cable application-Cable for Pads/Gel
AED wire for Defibrillator Pads Gel Electrodes
AED wire for Defibrillator Pads Gel Electrodes
Flat Ribbon cable for defibrillator Pad
Flat Ribbon cable for AED Electrodes

What is Difficulty in AED cable wire R&D and production

As a main first aid life saving devices, Zero-failure is the common will for the paddle/Pads manufacturer and defibrillator cable wire manufacturer. Any Lead failure may lead to death or heart damage.


Lead failure was defined as: failure to capture/sense, abnormal pacing and/or defibrillator impedance, visual insulation defect or lead fracture, extracardiac stimulation, cardiac perforation, tricuspid valve entrapment, lead tip fracture and/or lead dislodgment

What we do to conquer these challenge

As a cable partner for two of the world top 4 AED brand, the cable we developed for AED electrodes and defib pads are always exceeded their requirements.

 Considering some special situation, such as a Patient who may need rescue at any time, so a Defib pads may with him/her 24 hours. During this period, he/she may need an imaging, like X-ray, metal should be we design a Carbon fiber conductor based AED leads. Carbon fiber is almost invisible on x-ray and other imaging devices.


Non-metals, such as Carbon Fiber (Carbon fiber is radio translucent, making it an excellent material for EKG leads and defibrillators.)


Conductors Materials for Defibrillator cable Leads

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Tinned Copper
  • Silvered copper
  • Alloy Copper
  • Tinsel

Insulation Materials for Defibrillator cable Leads

  • PVC
  • PU/PUR
  • EVA
  • TPE/PE
  • PFA 

Shielding Methods & Materials

  • Conductive tape
  • Aluminum-Mylar Foil
  • Tinned/silvered Copper Braiding
  • Graphene Mixture ink coating
  • Spiral-Serve

Jacket Materials

  • TPU
  • TPV
  • Other

AED cable Manufacturing procedure

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