USB 3.2 Cable Specification |usb 3.2 gen 2 specification

Here you will find different specifications for USB bulk cable that meet USB 3.2 standard.The diameter range from 4.1mm to 6.0mm,With PVC Jacket or TPE jacket or Silicone-alike Jacket

“Characteristic impedance” is a very important to the Attenuation,The Tolerance for most company and industrial field for the coaxial cable is ±5Ω,and we can control it within ±2Ω as we adopt self-designed auxiliary equipment and software. This advantage also make us a very important supplier for MRI  RF coil cable .

If you want to test sample based on the datasheet here ,or you want to  see the performance testing reports based on these specification,you can jump to the product page or send us email to request the testing report.

4.1MM USB3.2 16 wire 8X32AWG+1Px32AWG+4X32AWG+2X25AWG Specification Datasheet

4.8MM USB3.2 16 Wire 8X30AWG+1PX32AWG+4X34AWG+2X24AWG Specification Datasheet

6.0MM 16 wire USB3.2 cable Specification Datasheet

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you are looking for a USB bulk cable can keep 5gbps after 3 meter?