Spo2 Cable-A Bridge Combine Health Monitoring And Life During Coronavirus Pandemic.

Global leading manufacturer of raw Spo2 cable(Spo2 probe) . 4C (1P+2C,or 2+2 core), 5C (1P+3C,or 2+3 core ), 6C (1P+4C,or 2+4 core ), 7C (1C+5C,or 2+5 core ),8C(3P+2C,or 6+2 core) Spo2 Cable.Biocompatible Silicone,TUP,PVC Jackets..Available

Covid-19 makes Spo2 (which is the short form of Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen;or Pulse oximetry,or

Peripheral capillary oxygen saturation). All over the world, many countries and cities are locked down, many people are quarantined at home. As an very important measure people can take to monitor “ how their lungs are working, what level  their Spo2 is”,a Pulse oximeter is widely used because of the recommendation of government or doctors.

Why blood oxygen levels are so important monitoring index in the prevention of covid-19? When we breathe oxygen, the lungs capillaries uptake the oxygen, then the oxygen enter into venous blood. Then flow out with

arterial blood. Blood red cells then deliver the oxygen to every tissue, brain, heart,liver,kidney,and other vital organs. A low oxygen level will lead to low oxygen in  tissues and organs will finally leads to organs death or functional failure

What is normal SpO2 level?

A value of 95% and above is considered normal.

below 90% indicates significant hypoxemia and requires urgent action, including extra oxygen uptaking,even a respirator if situation allows. 

As a global leading manufacture of Spo2 probe,our pulse ox probesales amount increased more than 10 times,even higher than the increase of ECG lead wires.

In the past, in the sales share of Reusable SpO2 Extension Cable takes up the main share. After the covid-19 become a global epidemic ,the market demand for Disposable pulse ox probe increased a lot, because of the covid-19 infectiousness and emergency.


High Reliability, safety and Biocompatibility are 3 important key in the manufacturing of Spo2 Medical Cables.As a ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, designer and exporter of cables, of all our raw spo2 medical cables ,including spo2 sensor cables are strictly compliant with these requirements.

 To assure a safe, precise reliable spo2 signal transmission,and strengthen the cable service life ,we keep remain and improve their design,producing,even storage to for a  high quality.

  1. Conductor : High Quality Super Fine Tinned/bare/silver-plated Copper Wire to ensure Stability of Signal.
  2. Shielding : Double Shielding Structure reduces triboelectricity  noise & ensure better protection & Stability of Signal Transmission.
  3. Filler : Kelvar for High Strength , high Temperature Resistance and low electrical conductivity.
  4. Outer Sheath/Jacket: High Qualtily Compound from Germany Huntman.All materials (Silicone,PVC,TUP,TPE…are medical class, obtained Biocompatible testing report
  5. OD:2-4 mm OD too meet different sizes of spo2 sensors.

 Spo2 Cables we customize and manufacture.

  • 4C (1P+2C,or 2+2 core)
  • 5C (1P+3C,or 2+3 core )
  • 6C (1P+4C,or 2+4 core )
  • 7C (1C+5C,or 2+5 core )
  • 8C(3P+2C,or 6+2 core)


4 Core (1P+2C)  Spo2 Cable

4 core spo2 cable SP104S
4 core spo2 cable SP104S
4 core shielded spo2 cable
4 core shielded spo2 cable


5 Core (1P+3C)  Spo2  Cable

5 core unshielded spo2 cable SP205X
5 core unshielded spo2 cable SP205X
5 core shielded spo2 cable SP205S
5 core shielded spo2 cable SP205S


6 Core(1P+4C) Spo2 Cable

6 core spiral shielded spo2 cable SP206S-001
shielded spo2 cable SP206S-001
6 core shielded spo2 cable
6 core shielded spo2 cable
6 core shielded spo2 cable SP206B-003
6 core shielded spo2 cable
6 core spo2 cable SP206B-004
6 core spo2 cable SP206B-004


7 core (1P+5C) Spo2 cable

7 core spo2 cable SP207B-002
7 core spo2 cable SP207B-002

                                                                                  Compatitable Brands SPo2 sensor  cable Craiglist

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  • masimo to nellcor adapter
  • spo2 adapter cable
  • m1900b
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  • nihon kohden spo2 cable


Not find  the exact cable to meet requirement? need a customization

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