6 core shielded spo2 cable-Sp206B-004
3 twisted pair shielded cable

This 6 core shielded cable consists of 3 twisted pair shielded cable,and two pair of them have a separate innner shield .3 twisted pair shielded cable are widely used in data communication.

SP206B has two differences from regular 3 pair twisted shielded cable.Two of the pair also have a thin soft inner Jacket besides of a inner spiral shield,which make the cable assembly work more conveniently.This special structure double shielded 6 core cable make it suit more application.And widely used in Spo2 sensor cable assembly and other field.

Beside of  this structure,we also have other 6 core shielded cable and 3 twisted pair shielded cable.If you did not find it on our website by yourselves,please contact for more info.

6 core spo2 cable SP206B-004
6 core spo2 cable SP206B-004
SP206B-004 cutting diagram

Spo2 cable technical specification

Items Specification
Products name 
Conductor MaterialTinned Copper or Copper AlloyTinned Copper or Copper Alloy
Insulation MaterialPPPP
Inner Shield MaterialTinned Copper or Copper Alloy 
Inner Jacket Material80A-PVC(White) 
Filler MaterialKevlar
Outer Shield MaterialTinned copper
Jacket MaterialTPU
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