Endoscope Cable


Shenzhen Yong Qiang Fu Industry is a medical cable industry leader manufacturer in the endoscope cable developing, customizing, developing and testing.  The customized endoscopy cables are designed to meet customers’ specific technical requirements for their advanced digital imaging devices, such as 2 in 1 android & pc usb endoscope usb borescope endoscope. Endoscope systems, similar to other imaging equipment systems, need to transfer signals &Power safely and reliably. At the same time, the connection (endoscope cable) between the patient and endoscope system must be smoothly, comfortable and Patient user-friendly. YQF can use its creative and experienced  strength for customized  products – often we are able to produce for as little as 500m and harnessed (prototype).
Endoscopy cable
endoscope cable
Endoscope Cable structure
Endoscope Cable structure

Performance Requirement

Electronic properties

  • Insulation ResistanceDC500V 100MΩ/KM 
  • Conductor ResistanceMax at 14ohm/Km ABC601  E601
  • ADifferential Pair Delay60PSIntraPair Delay160PS
  • B: The rated current is 0.5A
  • Withstand voltage 4000V AC/60S between the cable outer jacket and the outer shield; withstand voltage 2500V AC/60S between the outermost braided shield of the cable and the inner conductor

Signal Transfer Properties

  • Attenuation  :(0.1-7GHZ 0.1≥-0.5
  •                                                     2.5≥-7.5
  •                                                      7.5≥-25
  •  Near end Crosstalk between Pairs:0.1-2.5≤-27dB
  •   2.5-3≤-23dB
  •   3-7.5≤-20dB 
  • Far end Crosstalk:≤-20dB

Flexibility property

Bending Testing≥3000 Angle ±90°180°),Load500 gram25 /min.R=25.4MMSingle conductor resistance increasing less than 50%

TEST Graphic Summary

Differential Impedance Testing Graphic
Differential Impedance Graphic
TDT Differial Delay
TDT Differial Delay
NA Attenuation Graphic
NA Attenuation Graphic
TDR SingleEnd IMPZ
TDR SingleEnd IMPZ
TDT IntraPair Skew
TDT IntraPair Skew



ConductorNo. of condA : 4P (32AWG)B: 7C (32AWG)C: 4C (32AWG)E : 3C (32AWG)
MaterialTinned copperTinned copperTinned copperTinned copper alloy
Construction7/0.08 ± 0.0037/0.08 ± 0.0037/0.08+0.0037/0.08 ± 0.003
Nom. Thickness0.
Nom. 0. D.0.63+0.030.38+0.030.38±0.030.38±0. 03
ColorWHITE/BLACKB:l.Black 2. Brown 3.Red 4.0range 5. Gray 6. natural 7. White C:1. Red 2. Black 3. White 4. Blue E:l.Green 2. Blue 3. Purple
ShieldMaterialAL+PET (4color) Overlapping 25%silver plated coppersilver plated copper alloy
Coverage 90%
Nom. 0. D.1. 32MM+ 0. 05N/A1. 1MM+ O. 05 
MaterialA (4P) +B (7C) +C (4C) +D (6C) +E (3C) +Filler
Twisted pitch76+10
Separator 1MaterialPTFE+PFA (gray) OD: 3. 8MM (4P4.0. lmm) Overlapping 100%
BraidMaterialsilver plated copper
Construction16/19/0.05±0.005 8/2/700D kevlar
Coverage95°/0 30T0
Separator 2MaterialPTFE
CoverageOverlapping 100%
JacketMaterialTPU 55±5A (medical grade)
Nom. Thickness0.55
Nom. 0. D.6. 0+0. 15
ColorGlossy Black
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