Shielded 32 Core Cable With 12 Pair Wire Twisted Silicone

The utilization of specialized cables becomes critical to ensure seamless connectivity in various healthcare applications. This paper aims to explore the application and potential use cases of a 32-core cable equipped with 12 pairs of twisted wires, providing a comprehensive understanding of its design, advantages, and potential applications.

  1. The 32 core cable with 12 pairs of twisted wires is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of signal transmission in medical applications. With advanced features such as high-temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties, this cable presents a promising solution for diverse healthcare scenarios.

  2. Design and Features: The cable includes 12 pairs of twisted wires, utilizing 32AWG wire gauge. Each pair is intricately twisted to minimize interference and crosstalk, ensuring reliable signal transmission. The core construction is further enhanced by utilizing a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) insulation material, which offers exceptional electrical insulation capabilities and can withstand high-temperature environments typically encountered in medical settings.

  3. Potential Applications: 

  • 3.1 Biomedical Monitoring Devices: The 12 pairs of twisted wires are suitable for connecting biomedical monitoring devices such as electrocardiographs, blood pressure monitors, and temperature sensors. These wires enable the accurate transmission of physiological signals, including ECG signals, blood oxygen levels, and other vital parameters, crucial for patient monitoring and diagnosis.   
  •   3.2 Medical Imaging Equipment: The cable’s superior signal transmission characteristics make it ideal for connecting medical imaging equipment . It facilitates the delivery of high-quality images, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

  •  3.3  Surgical Instruments and Equipment: Due to its high tensile strength, the cable can be utilized to connect surgical instruments and equipment. It finds applications in various devices, including catheters, electrosurgical knives, and electrosurgical coagulators, enabling precise and controlled surgical procedures.
  1. Advantages:
  • Exceptional electrical insulation properties provided by the FEP insulation material ensure safe and reliable signal transmission in high-temperature medical environments.
  • The twisted wire design reduces interference and crosstalk, ensuring stable signal integrity.
  • The use of silver-plated copper conductors ensures excellent conductivity and oxidation resistance, maintaining signal stability over extended periods
32 Core Cable 7.5mm
32 Core Cable 7.5mm

The 32 core cable with 12 pairs of twisted wires offers significant potential for use in a wide range of medical applications. Its design, incorporating advanced materials and techniques, enables reliable signal transmission critical for biomedical monitoring, medical imaging, and surgical procedures. By enhancing connectivity and signal integrity, this cable contributes to the advancement of medical technologies and the delivery of quality patient care

technical specification

Inner Conductor : Tin Plated Copper 

Gauge32AWG *12P+1C +2C +5C 


Filler :Kevlar

Jacket:Black medical grade Silicone Rubber,Diameter 7.5mm±0.15mm

Application:Medical field

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