Silicone Jacket 19 Core Cable With 9 Pair 32AWG And 1X 22AWG

This Silicone Jacketed 19 Core Cable includes 9 Twisted Pair 32AWG And 1 Wire 22AWG.There is Kevlar Lined with the Conductors which make the wires more durable.

19 core silicone cable, designed for medical applications such as endoscope handle assemblies. This complex, multi-conductor cable features 9 pairs of 32AWG twisted pairs and a central 22AWG conductor, all encased in a robust silicone jacket with braided shielding.

Our 19 core cable is meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of medical devices that necessitate the transmission of multiple signals or data. With its high-temperature resistance, exceptional chemical resistance, and superior electromagnetic interference protection, this cable ensures reliable signal and power transmission.

Ideal for a wide range of medical equipment, including medical imaging devices, diagnostic instruments, laboratory equipment, and surgical devices, our 19 core cable guarantees seamless integration and impeccable performance in these critical applications.

 19 core cable meets the highest industry standards and is meticulously tested for durability, flexibility, and signal integrity.

Silicone Jacket 19 Core Cable
Silicone Jacket 19 Core Cable
19C 1C 22AWG 9P 32AWG B OD 6.5mm

technical specification

Inner Conductor : Silver Plated Copper 

Gauge: 9 Twisted Pair:32AWG

             1 single wire:22AWG


Filler :Kevlar

Jacket:Black medical grade Silicone Rubber,Diameter 6.5mm±0.15mm

Application:Medical field

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