Defibrillator cable & AED Electrodes Pads Cable

Defibrillator Coil & Defibrillator wire

Defibrillator wires have 3 main forms:Coil & Round;Straight & Round and Flat Ribbon.The most used is Coil cord for AED paddle,and Flat Ribbon cable for AED Pad. 

The Defibrillator cable usually contains 3 to 10 depends on its purpose and applications. A simple 3 wire defibrillator (it could be a  aed training machine) only need 3 wires for the paddle. And ECG Defibrillator will use 4-8 signal wire to get ECG signal,indicates the operator if it is necessary to make difibrillation and when to make it. The more Intelligent a  ECG Monitor with defibrillator is,the more wires it need.ECG Defibrillator monitor the heart and indicates the operator when is the best time to defibrilate and how many joules power is needed.It make defibrillation easier and more accurate.

As a China Medical cable manufacturer ,we custom AED cable ( AED leads) to interconnect between its power unit and the patient paddle or Pads according to customer,s requirement

 AED electrode pads become a mainstreamcompared with Paddles,AED Pads/Gel are used to reduce transthoracic impedance when paddles are applied directly to the chest wall to deliver a shock. Better protective for patients and doctors. Especially with Mindray intellectual AED, an un-trained person can also make an emergency rescue under the guide of the defibrillators’ screen and voice 

The defibrillator cable we make according to ANSI/AAMI EC 53-2013.Learn more about EC53 by download  the EC 53 .pdf document

Trunk  Defibrillator Cable and Branch Defibrillator cable for AED Paddles 

Considering the convenience of collection and extension of the Defibrillator cable for a AED paddle,it is usually in the form of Coil cord,which is retractible. To learn some knowlege about how long can a coild cord can be stretched is very important ,as there will be Voltage Drop with the length of the cable. An unsufficient voltage may lead to a defibrillation failure.

A typical Trunk defibrillator cable consists of  2 High voltage wires (usually need to withstand 3000-5000 V DC voltage) and several signal wires with or without EMC shielding.  A typical Branch defibrillator cable usually with one high voltage wire and same number signal wire with the trunk cable

ECG monitor with Defibrillator
ECG monitor with Defibrillator
defibrillator leads Pad Cable
Trunk cable for Defibrillator Paddle

Traditional Defibrillator cables usually does not pay attention to  the signal wire,there is no any shielding between high voltage wire and signal wires.

AED leads for Electrodes Pads & Gel

AED cable application-Cable for Pads/Gel
AED cable application-Cable for Pads/Gel

In public places,such as metro station,airport,With the development and wide application of ECG Defibrillator  ,Defibrillator manufacturers pay more attention to the ECG signal.such as in the latest zoll onestep cable,there are 3 separate ECG lead cable for defib with grahene coating (which is to assure a Low Noise performance,see the right picture :Flat ribbon cable) 

AED wire for Defibrillator Pads Gel Electrodes
AED wire for Defibrillator Pads Gel Electrodes
Flat Ribbon cable for defibrillator Pad
Defibrillator cable with ECG lead cable for defib separately

difibrillator voltage and Difficulty In AED Cable design & production

As a main first aid life saving devices, Zero-failure is the common will for the paddle/Pads manufacturer and defibrillator cable wire manufacturer. Any Lead failure may lead to death or heart damage.PS(:Lead failure was defined as: failure to capture/sense, abnormal pacing and/or defibrillator impedance, visual insulation defect or lead fracture, extracardiac stimulation, cardiac perforation, tricuspid valve entrapment, lead tip fracture and/or lead dislodgment)

 The defibrillator voltage is usually know as 3000-volt charge in less than 0.001.Some brand clain 200-1000 voltage and somee brands clain 5000-volt charge in less than 0.001 .If you are not sure on the voltage,you may focus on the Joules (Monophasic Waveform Defibrillators  360J,Biphasic Waveform Defibrillators 150J-200J ) .Voltage drop is another key factor  for AED cable. a common AED paddle cable has 3-5 meters stretched length(it will be 40-50cm after coiling,for easy collection). In Some ICU,a AED cable stretched length may even reach 9 meters(in this way,operator do not need to move the defibrillator ,and can fast defibrillate because of the long range of the AED electrode). Defib Energe insufficience will lead to difibrillation failure,further damage to heart ,even death 

What we do to conquer these challenge faced with defibrillator pad

As a cable partner for two of the world top 4 AED brand, the cable we developed for AED electrodes and defib pads are always exceeded their requirements.

 Considering some special situation, such as a Patient who may need rescue at any time, so a Defib pads may with him/her 24 hours. During this period, he/she may need an imaging, like X-ray, metal should be we design a Carbon fiber conductor based AED leads. Carbon fiber is almost invisible on x-ray and other imaging devices.


Non-metals, such as Carbon Fiber (Carbon fiber is radio translucent, making it an excellent material for EKG leads and defibrillators.)

Defibrillator pad cable Features

Conductors Materials for Defibrillator cable Leads

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Tinned Copper
  • Silvered copper
  • Alloy Copper
  • Tinsel

Insulation Materials for Defibrillator cable Leads

  • PVC
  • PU/PUR
  • EVA
  • TPE/PE
  • PFA 

Shielding Methods & Materials

  • Conductive tape
  • Aluminum-Mylar Foil
  • Tinned/silvered Copper Braiding
  • Graphene Mixture ink coating
  • Spiral-Serve

Jacket Materials

  • TPU
  • TPV
  • Other

Defibrillator pad cable Manufacturing procedure

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1+7 branch defibrillator leads pad cable

1+7 Coiled branch cable for AED Paddle

8 core Defibrillator leads -Branch 1+7 branch AED pad cable technical specification Item (specification) conductor Material Tinned copper + Kevlar(1c) Tinned copper +Kevlar (7c) specification 165/0. 05TC + 30/0. 05TSN + 200DKevlar 30/0. 08TC +

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defibrillator leads Pad Cable

2+8 Coiled Trunk Cable For AED Paddle

AED 10 lead coil wire-co210x Developped for” Automated External Defibrillator” Features For Common AED cable(usually 3.5-5 meters),if the cable is too long,its voltage-decrease with the length  will soon make the voltage not enough for AED.

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