ECG cable-ECG lead wire and ECG trunk cable

YQF is a 17 years old upstream leading ECG cable lead wires factory for worldwide ICU Patient Monitor System Accessories Manufacturers.Our customers themselves are finished ECG patient cable manufacturers.World-widely,China manufacturers takes up about 75% of all ECG EKG assembly companies.We focus on Reusable ECG lead wire customization and producing.All ECG/EKG leadwires we even customized&produced are over 1000 types.OEM and ODM is our main service.

 Our ECG LeaD use tinned copper,silvered copper or Tinned/silvered Tinsel or carbon-fiber.

Carbon fiber is almost transparent on x-ray and other imaging equipment because of its property . So patients DO NOT  need to remove the electrode wires  before imaging—providing an invaluable safeguard to the patient ,especially who need 24 hours monitoring. Carbon fiber also used in AED Pads cable because of this reason .Flexibility is another important  reason ,our 1-Million bending test ECG leads use Carbon-fiber 

In this ECG Craiglist,We only show a small part of them.Items listed on this Craiglist are supplied to world famous brands,such as Medtronic,GE,Philips,Masimo…

Single lead ECG cable

ECG cable EC201S-001


ø2.80士0.10;TPU (5040);Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

ECG cable EC201S-002


ø3.0士0.10;TPU (5040);Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

ECG cable EC201S-005


ø2.9士0.10;TPU (4394);Tinned Copper+Nylon

Durable Carbon Fiber ECG cable
1 Million Bending Testing Passed ECG cable

3 leads ECG cable

ECG cable EC203S
ECG cable EC203S

4 leads ECG cable

ECG cable EC204S
ECG cable EC204S


5 leads ECG cable

ECG cable EC205S-001
ECG cable EC205S-001
5 Leads ECG EKG Cable Spiraling Shielding With Drain Wire
EC205S-004 5 lead shieldedECG cable with Drain wire
ECG cable EC205S-002
ECG cable EC205S-002
5 leads ECG trunk cable spiral shield
EC205S-005 Shielded 5 leads ECG cable
ECG cable EC205S-003
ECG cable EC205S-003
EC105B 5 lead Braided ECG cable

6 leads ECG cable-Low Noise

ECG cable EC206S-002
ECG cable EC206S-002

7 Leads ECG cable-Low Noise

7 leads Low Noise ECG cable


10 leads ECG cable

ECG cable EC210S-001
ECG cable EC210S-001
ECG cable EC210S-004
ECG cable EC210S-004
ECG cable EC210S-002
ECG cable EC210S-002
EC210S-005 Super Low Noise Cable -Coating
ECG cable EC210S-003
ECG cable EC210S-003
ECG cable EC210X
Unshielded ECG cable EC210X

18 leads ECG cable

ECG cable EC218S
ECG cable EC218S


They are qualified to replace the leadwire/ trunk cable for following brand ECG cable                                        

Smiths Medical > BCI3101, 3404, 6100, 6200, 9100, 9200, Advisor, Autocorr, Autocorr: Surgivet
PaceTech2100, 2200, 4000, 4100, MiniMax 4000CL, Minipack 300, Minipack 3000, Minipack 3000/3100, Minipack 3100, Modular/4100CL, Vitalmax 2100, Vitalmax 2200, Vitalmax 4000, Vitalmax 4000 Modular, Vitalmax 4000CL, Vitalmax 4100, Vitalmax 4100CL, Vitalmax 800 Plus
GE Healthcare > Corometrics556
InfiniumInfitron II, Omni, Omni II
DraegerVitalert 2000, Vitalert 3000
Draeger > Air ShieldsHRRM-71-1, HRRM-71-2, II, III, Porta-Fib I, Porta-Fib II, Porta-Fib III, System 5 (New), System 6 (Neonatal)
Nihon Kohden7102A, BSM-7102A, BSM-7300A, BSM-8108A, BSM-8301A, BSM-8302A, BSM-8500A, BSM-8502A, BSM-8800A, Life Scope 12, Life Scope 6, Life Scope 7, Life Scope 8, Life Scope 9, MU-831RA, OEC-6102A (s/n>20156), OEC-6105A (s/n>20226), OEC-7102A, OEC-8108A, TEC 5531E, TEC-5200A (s/n>20421), TEC-7100A, TEC-7200A, TEC-7300A
LSI261, LS5
Spacelabs400, 500, 600, 67112, 900, 90300, 90303, 90303B, 90308, 90400, 90408, 90425, 90428, 90431, 90432, 90470, 90600, 90603A, 90700, 90701, 90721, 90724, AriaTele, Medic 3, Medic 4, Medic 5, Medic 6, PC Bedside, PCMS, Series 500, Series 600, Series 900, TEK-208, TEK-208/408/511/512/514/521, TEK-408, TEK-413, TEK-414, TEK-511, TEK-512, TEK-514, TEK-5214045
ATL800, 800 Plus, 800Plus, Apogee, CX ATL Ultrasound, CX200, CX400, HDI 9/200, HDI 9/2000, Interspec Cardiology XL, Mark IV, Mark Vii, Ultramark 4/5/7/9
DREWaveline EZ MAX
PPGGuardian 1001, N1001
AbbottEX-50, Lifecare 5100, Lifecare 5200
Advanced InstrumentationsPM-1000, PM-1000EX
PhilipsiE33 xMatrix Ultrasound CX50, M3921A A1, M3923A A1, M3925A A1, M3927A A3, M3929A A3
Interspec (Irex) (JJ)Cardiology XL, Mark IV, Mark Vii, Ultramark 4, Ultramark 4 Plus, Ultramark 5, Ultramark 7, Ultramark 9
Novametrix902, 903, 910, Life Defense 1
ContecCMS 6800, CMS 9000
Midmark > Cardell9403V, 9405, Max-1, MAX-12 Duo HD
Datex OhmedaenGuard CM5
GoldwayG40, UT4000A, UT4000Apro, UT4000B, UT4000C, UT4000F, UT4000F Pro, UT4800, UT6000A, UT6000F
Medtronic > Physio Control1440/R, Lifepak 10, Lifepak 5, Lifepak 6, Lifepak 6S, Lifepak 7, Lifepak 8, Lifepak 9, VSM-1ESF, VSM-2, VSM-2ESF, VSM-3
Tektronix4045 Defib/208/400/500 Series
Mindray > DatascopeMEC 1000, MEC 1200, MEC 200, MEC 2000, PM 7000, PM 8000, PM 9000
Criticare1100, 2200, 504US, 504USP, 506, 507, 507E, 507ELC2, 507S, 508, 602-4B, 602-4USP, 8100, 8100E, 8100EP, nCompass, nGenuity 8100E, Poet 2, Scholar
GE Healthcare > Critikon > Dinamap8100T, 8700 Series, 8700/9700, 9700 Series, MPS Select, Pro 1000
EdanM50, M8, M80, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A
Covidien > NellcorC-LOCK, N-1000, N-200, N-250, NPB-3900, NPB-4000
Invivo101, 102, 200, 300, 360SL, 450SL, 521A, Escort 100, Escort 101, Escort 102, Escort 200, Escort 300, Millennia 3500, PortaPak 1000, PortaPak 80, PortaPak 90, PortaPak 90/1000, Prism
Omron > ColinBP-308, BP-408, CBM3000, M20, M30, MS20
American Optical26125, 33167, 5260, 5330, Pulsar 4
DIN StyleAll
Ivy Biomedical101, 101 (before 1989), 402, 700, 7800, Cardiac Trigger Monitor 3150, 3000
Welch Allyn1500, Atlas, Atlas 6200 Series, PIC 30, PIC 40, PIC 50, Propaq 100 Series, Propaq 200 Series, Propaq 206 EMPSC, Propaq CS, Propaq Encore, Ultra Smart
ZollD900, E Series, M Series, PD1200, PD1400, PD1600, PD1700, PD2000, R Series


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