Silicone Medical Wire(for ECK ,Spo2 Sensor,ESU and other  purpose)

Why use Silicone Medical Cable

Medical device manufactures use silicone insulated wire and cable because can be used in an autoclave, it’s chemical resistance and ultra flexible nature. Silicone is widely used in applications that include medical robotics, implantable, sensors and handheld devices just to name a few. Silicone is also manufactured for medical tubing and is typically used in applications such as catheters, drains, feeding tubes, and peristaltic pumps. Manufacturers considering silicone for these types of applications can choose from special grades that meet stringent health agency requirements.

Silicone insulated wire and cables area unit a preferred selection for vary} of industries because of it’s operational temperature range, extreme flexibility, voltage properties. silicone polymer wire and cable compounds area unit accessible in special grades and formulas area unit accessible for specific necessities like, medical grade/implantable, low smoke/halogen-free, magnified resistance to abrasion , flame agent and additional.

 Silicone Wire Has Following Advantages:

  •  Service temperatures from –50 to +200 °C
  • Special grades area unit accessible to be used in an exceedingly temperature vary from –90 to +300 °C
  • Excellent aging resistance, even below extreme conditions
  • High resistance to several totally different chemical substances
  • Outstanding electrical properties
  • Extreme flexibility

Silicone rubber cable Price for Mecial Accessories

3 main factors decide the price of Silicone rubber cable

 1,Material cost

Because of the chemical and physical properties of Silicone rubber,such as high-temperature resistance,so, for Silicone Jacket cable,the insulation layer for the core wire should be also high-temperature resistant,such as Teflon. The cost of Silicone rubber and Teflon themselves are much higher than TPU,TPE,PVC,especially Medical class silicone rubber.

2,Processing Power consumption cost

Because of the high-temperature resistance ,when overmold/extrude Silicone rubber and Teflon,a common Plastic Injection machine or Extruder line can not processing demand the Plastic injection machine with higher heating units and Clamping force,so as the Extruder line.

Higher overmold/extruding temperature means higher Electricity Power Cost.

3,Processing speed

 Slower Overmould/extruding speed(usually only half or less of common PVC/TPU.For Silicone rubber and teflon,its extruding speed is only 50 meters/minutes

4,scattered Production

As Silicone rubber wire price is much high than common medical cables,orders are usually not as big as TPU/PVC wires.this market demand decide silicone cable is not bulk produced as TPU cable.It leads to the wast of materials and electricity in some way.


the Types of Silicone wire medical cable we design and manufacture and Applications

If cost is not the factor users care,in technology,most electronic cable and medical cable can be silicone wire. 

Considering the sterrilization/disinfect method of different accessories,Silicone rubber is not suitable for all

Currently,medical  accessories manufacturer mainly focus the application of silicon wire on ‘Spo2 sensor”” ECG/EKG””High-End ESU(Electrosurgical Unit)” 



silicone wire SI402X
Application-Electronic Silicone wire
Application-Silicone SpO2 sensor cable SI403B-001
Application-Silicone Wire-ECG leads SI403B
Reusable Silicone ESU cable
Application-Reusable Silicone ESU cable
Application-Silicone ECG lead wire




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