custom Colorful round solid silicone rubber cord

It is ideal for a variety of high temperature gasketing and sealing applications to use silicone rubber cords. We offer silicone rubber cords in a broad range of temperatures, which is a key feature of our products.

 The cords we manufacture are capable of enduring temperatures as low as -60°C and as high as 230°C. Under subzero temperatures, certain rubber compounds can become brittle, which has a negative effect on product longevity. Due to their flexibility, silicone cords provide excellent sealing properties in almost any environment. To ensure that our silicone rubber cords match the size you order, we manufacture them to tight tolerances. Due to this, our cords provide superior sealing properties in applications that require them. As a medical silicone cable manufacturer, we can also manufacture medical grade silicone rubber cord which meet ISO 10993 (Biocompatibility).Medial grade silicone rubber has good physiological inertness, will not cause harm to human tissue, will not cause foreign body reaction after entering human tissue, and will not cause inflammation to surrounding tissue.

Custom Colorful round solid silicone rubber cord
custom Colorful round solid silicone rubber cord
Round Solid Silicone Cord
Round Solid Silicone Cord

Silicone Rubber Cord Applications

Silicone cord is used in many applications from the rail and mass transit sectors requiring a range of diameters right through to joined rings for food manufacturing. 

Other popular applications for solid and sponge silicone cord include:

  • Gaskets for harsh environments;
  • High-temperature sealing applications;
  • Sealing for cars;
  • Machinery;
  • Construction;
  • Water tank;
  • Cabinet;
  • Door and Wndow;
  • Electronic and electrical;
  • Electric heating appliances;
  • Medical;
  • Food hygiene;
  • Kitchen;
  • Ship;
  • Distribution box;
  • Lamps;
  • Air conditioning refrigeration system;
  • Air filter element;
  • Chassis,
  • Power distribution cabinet

 With a range of colors ,size,shape and lengths, you can be sure we can meet your exacting needs.

Silicone Rubber Cord Features

Silicone rubber as a perfect material for Elastic cord, beside of its softness, it also has following features: 

  • Ozone, UV and weather resistant
  • Safe for use with water based applications (WRAS)
  • Non-toxic
  • Low& high temperature resistance: -60°C to 230°C
  • No cracking , long service life .
  • More details,please refer to Silicone rubber cable

Custom Solid silicone cord manufacture

As an Experienced silicone rubber cord extruding manufacturer,we provide low MoQ custom manufacturer service,with variety of customization features in many aspects as following:

  • Outer diameter: sizes ranging from 1mm to 35mm.
  • Hardness ( durometer ):Regular Hardness can be from 45 Shore A to 85 Shore A , We can also provide a variety of shore hardness, such as 30 Shore A
  • Colors: We can custom colorful silicone cord to suit your specifications according to the pantone code or Ral code provided.
  • Various grade Available: we provide Industry grade, food grade and Medical grade silicone cord for options
  • Shapes: you can choose the shape which perfect suit your applications, such as “Round”, “Square”(square silicone cord with a nylon braiding are widely used as bandage ),” trapezoidal” “O-Ring” ,with “groove” or any other forms.
  • Density: Besides of solid silicone rubber cord, we also manufacture silicone foam cord (which is also called silicone sponge cord”. Compared with solid silicone cord, the foamed silicone cord has extra features, such as:
    • Compression resistance, strong resilience;
    • Small surface tolerance;
    • Uniform foam density;
    • Good breathability.

However, please avoid prolonged touching with the skin as it may cause irritation and itching

Contact us for an OEM manufacturing of silicone cord now !!!

Different shape Silicone cord
Different shape colorful Silicone cord
white square solid silicone rubber cord for sealing
white square solid silicone rubber cord for sealing
Custom shape Round and Square Silicone Foam cord
Custom shape Round and Square Silicone Foam cord
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