Custom silicone heating wire-Silicone insulated heater wire

Silicone heating wire is usually composed of metal conductors, carbon fibers, fiberglass, and an insulation layer

When you need tools and equipment to be kept at a steady, reliable, accurate temperature? In addition to fast heating speeds, even temperatures, and precise, efficient heat, silicone insulated heater wire is also resistant to outside weather conditions. There are many ways to apply silicone heater wire to a wide range of equipment, for medical use: development tubes, bodybuilding fabrics, electric medicine pads, waistbands, and blood analyzer heaters.

You should choose silicone-insulated wires when you need a steady temperature in an area that naturally produces high, unsteady temperatures. The silicone insulation prevents connections from melting and keeps them flexible. You can customize these wires depending on the size, shape, color, and specifications that suit your specific industry.

Silicone heater wire has several types based on the heating conductors:


Silicone heater wire types

Heating conductor
Metal Heating conductor
Carbon Fiber heating conductor
Carbon Fiber heating conductor

Carbon Fiber heating conductor

  • Single helix conductor heating wire:
  • Double helix conductor heating wire
  • Straight conductor heating wire
  • Carbon fiber heating wire
single helix silicone heating cable

Single helix conductor heating wire

Made of metal wire,fiberglass and insulation layer,the heating conductors are Nichrome/copper alloy/stainless steel

Straight conductor Heating wire

Straight conductor heating wire

There is no fiberglass ,simply composes of a metal heating conductor and insulation

Double Helix Silicone Heating Cable

Double helix conductor heating wire

It is similar to single helix heating wire,only with an extra spiral heating conductor wrapping the central fiberglass

Silicone carbon fiber heating wire

In medical applications, Silicone carbon fiber heating wire is preferred, because of its features

The Advantes of carbon fiber silicone heating wire

  1. Carbon fiber is an inorganic conductive material, anti-oxidation (<300℃, can be used in the air for a long time), small thermal inertia, small temperature coefficient of resistance, small power attenuation, and its electrothermal conversion efficiency> 95%. The measured carbon fiber double electric blanket is 50-60W, which can reach the same thermal effect as 90-100W of metal heating wire. Therefore, the carbon fiber electric blanket can save about 30% of electricity.
  2. Large area heating and heat dissipation:

 Carbon fiber diameter is fine (≤7 microns). Under the same resistance value, the heating and heat dissipation area of the metal or alloy heating wire is increased by dozens of times, especially when it is energized. It is the latest generation of inorganic fiber heating elements.

  1. Far infrared radiation:

In the range of 8-15 microns, the far-infrared normal emissivity reaches 75%. If the far-infrared ceramic fiber is compounded, its far-infrared normal emissivity can reach more than 88%. This far-infrared radiation is absorbed by the human skin, and it resonates with the subcutaneous tissue, thereby accelerating the blood circulation of the human body, improving the microcirculation, and regulating the balance of the meridians of the human body. And it plays a certain role in adjuvant therapy for old waist and leg pain, arthritis, stomach cold, rheumatism and other diseases.

  1. Safe and reliable: When the carbon fiber heating element is heated, there is no open flame, and the carbon fiber has high strength, which avoids the occurrence of fire accidents such as breakage, electric shock, and easy ignition in the use of the alloy wire. In addition, the withstand voltage of the flame-retardant rubber-plastic sheath covered by it is greater than 4000V, and the thermal equilibrium temperature in normal use is 45±5°C.
  2. Reduce or even shield low-intensity electromagnetic field radiation

 The latest research shows that in the range of 50-400Hz, low-intensity electromagnetic field radiation has adverse effects on human biological effects, and carbon fiber itself has the characteristics of absorbing or damping electromagnetic waves, which can reduce or even shield low-intensity electromagnetic field radiation. Tested by the Electronic Industry Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Center, under the same length or the same power: 10 turns of flat carbon fiber heating wire, B=30.8mGS; 10 turns of commercially available anti-electromagnetic induction coaxial metal wire, B=78. 3mGS. The luxury electric blanket of shielded coaxial cable currently available in the market reduces or even shields the electromagnetic field through the reactance of the outer copper tape (or wire). Compared with it, the carbon fiber flat heating wire has the characteristics of superior performance and convenient use.

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