2 core silicone wire-SI402X

This 2 wire silicone cable is for reusable high-quality electrosurgical laparoscopic forceps with reusable coagulation silicone bipolar cable, specifically designed for use with Richard Wolf/Karl Storz equipment. This product is utilized for tissue coagulation and cutting during surgical procedures, primarily within the medical fields of laparoscopic surgery, choledochoscopy, and neurosurgery.

As a professional medical cable manufacturer, we understand the intricate requirements of medical devices and the need for precision and reliability in surgical procedures. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing custom cables allows us to create highly specialized products that meet our clients’ specific needs. The electrosurgical laparoscopic forceps with reusable coagulation silicone bipolar cable is an example of our commitment to quality and innovation in the medical industry.

silicone wire SI402X
18AWG medical silicone wire SI402X

technical specification

Items Specification
Products name 18 AWG Medical Silicone Wire for Electrosurgical Laparoscopic Forceps Reusable Coagulation Silicone Bipolar Cable(Match Richard Wolf/Karl Storz )
Conductor MaterialBared copper
 Jacket MaterialSilicone
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