3.0 USB Bulk Cable-Miniature 16 Wire Usb Data Cable Raw Material For VR Headset Cable Assembly


This 3.0 USB Bulk Cable is a Miniature 16 Wire Usb Data Cable Raw Material For VR Headset Cable Assembly.Includes 8 coaxial &1 UTP+4 wire 34AWG +2 wire 28AWG. Because of its special structure,and material specification,the cable is “Flexible and Durable”,which is extremely important for VR cable assembly.


It is so far the smallest diameter  multicore cable support USB 3.0,USB3.1,in terms of data transfer speed.(only 2.6mm ,the most regular USB 3.0 USB 3.1 cable will have a diameter between 5.0mm to 6.0mm )

Mini USB 3.1 cable with 2.6mm OD 8 coax 36AWG +1P 34AWG+4C 34AWG+2C 28AWG
Mini USB 3.1 cable with 2.6mm OD 8 coax 36AWG +1P 34AWG+4C 34AWG+2C 28AWG
VR cable Flexible and Durable
VR cable Flexible and Durable

The advantages of using this 16 wire VR headset cable

Flexibility: The smaller diameter of the 16-core cable makes it more flexible, allowing players to freely move their heads without being restricted by the cable. This provides a better gaming experience when using VR devices.

High-speed data transmission: The 16-core cable utilizes 8 coaxial lines to transmit high-frequency data. Coaxial lines have excellent anti-interference performance and can effectively reduce the impact of external electromagnetic interference on data transmission. Therefore, the VR headset cable supports high-speed data transmission, ensuring stable image and audio transmission for a smoother and more realistic virtual reality experience.

Reliability: By using coaxial lines to transmit data, the 16-core cable reduces the risk of signal distortion and data loss. This design improves the reliability of the connection, reducing the possibility of data transmission errors and image quality degradation, thus providing users with a better virtual reality experience.

Compatibility: Although the 16-core VR headset cable primarily relies on 8 coaxial lines for data transmission, it is still compatible with the USB 3.1 standard. This means that users can connect it to devices that support USB 3.1 and enjoy high-speed data transmission and other features provided by USB 3.1.

Using this 16 wire VR headset cable offers advantages in terms of flexibility, high-speed data transmission, reliability, and compatibility. It provides users with a better virtual reality experience, allowing them to explore the virtual world more freely while maintaining stable data transmission and high-quality image and audio outpu

technical specification

Construction and material

 Items Component A
Component  B
Component  C
Component  D
conductorMaterialTinned  wireTinned annealed copper wireTinned Copper wireTin copper 
constitute 7/0.050 7/0.060 7/0.06 61/0.04
Nominal outer diameter Nom.0.1500.1800.240.36
InsulationMaterialFEP(white)FEP(green, white )FEP(blue yellow brown green )FEP(red )
Nominal thickness Nom0.1150.045FEP(blue yellow brown green )0.06
outer diameter Nom. 0.38±0.05 0.29±0.05 0.32±0.05 0.48±0.05
shieldMaterialtinned copper N/AN/A
constitute 0.03
WrapperMaterialPolyester strap  
Nominal outer diameter Nom.OD 0.47±0.050.54
cablingCenter (A) × 8 +(B)× 1+(C) × 4 +(D.)×1
wrapping tapeMaterial – PET 0.02X7
external shieldingMaterial –tinned copper wire
constitute mmprime line 0.05
jacketMaterial –PVC (Standard color:black )
Nominal thickness mmNominal :0.30
outer diameter mm 2.6±0.20

Electronic Properties

ItemsunitComponent  A AWG36*8C Component  B AWG34(2C) Component  C
 Component D
Conductor resistance(@20 ) Ω/km MAX.1,500 MAX.1000 MAX.1000 MAX.190
Insulation resistance(@20 ) MΩ·km MIN.1524 MIN. 1524 MIN. 1524 MIN.1524
Compressive strength V(AC)/min500500500500
Characteristic Impedance (@1ns) Ω 90±5(2C) 90±15(2C) — —
SKEW/Time difference ps/m Max.20 Max.50 — —
attenuation※ (GHz) dB/m  – — —
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