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Tinsel lead wire is widely used in car audio,such as Speaker Tinsel wire. A tinsel lead is like electronic wire that bring current to an amplifier…. or even like a “fuse”…. Its diameter(AWG), strand count and SHAPE have a LOT to do with the life span and capability of flowing power to the coil. There are many ways of connection from terminal to voice coil,Tinsel lead wire is intended to increase in fatigue performance and flexibility espcially with smaller OD Tinsel conductor and perfect conductor stranding method. With more and more new materials and technology is adopted ,it become practical keep the same outside diameter or even reduce, but carry higher power (which means lower conductor resistance on the wire).With some changes in the structure,such as a Graphene low noise layer coated onto the insulation of the wire,it will significantly decrease the Triboelectric noise,which is caused by car motion and inevitable,even though car audio field did not pay much attention to this yet,but for a more pure voice,this is a considerable improvement.because this is widely used in many other field.

Tinsel lead wire Types

Silver Tinsel Conductor Tinsel cable

Silver Plated Tinsel Conductor

Tinsel lead wire with Silver conductor has good conductivity and relative low resistance

3 leads Tinsel cable-Flat Ribbon cable for Medical

Tinned Copper Tinsel wire

Tinned Copper wire conductor Tinsel is a relatively economic solution

Tinsel Conductor

Tinsel lead wire is just like any electronic wires,so its conductors are regular conductor materials like:Copper,Tinned Copper,Silvered Copper,Alloy..

Silver Tinsel wire

Silvered Copper

Tinned Copper Tinsel wire

Tinned Tinsel

Silver Copper Tinsel VS Tinned Copper Tinsel

Tinsel lead wire applied in medical field

Besides of car audio,medical industry use Tinsel lead wire a lot.Especially ECG Monitoring systems,especially Holter Recording lead wire.

ECG lead wire

small OD single core TPU medical cable

Single lead ECG Lead wire

Unshielded ECG leadwire is not very common in clinical ECG monitoring systems,it is more used in wearable ECG monitoring devices

Silvered Tinsel Single lead ECG cable|Ecg Snap Cable-EC201S-007

Shield Tinsel lead wire for ECG

Typical ECG cable structure,Extreme flexible ECG lead wire with low noise layer and shield, which can pass 1 Million bending test

Flat Ribbon- Tinsel lead wire for holter recorder

ECG cable EC210X

10 Lead Tinsel lead wire

Tinned Copper Tinsel or SIlver Tinsel conductor

we developped many types of Tinsel lead wires based on different gauge tinsel conductors,we will help you to design and manufacture a suitable tinsel lead wire for your indivisual applications,please leave us your requirement in following form or ask us for free sample

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