Single Core Shielded Wire-Coaxial And Triaxial

Single Core Shielded Wire is often used to transmit signal in daily life or professional devices.

When signals are extreme weak or the requirement for the signal precision is very important,a shielded wire can be very helpful.

What Is Single Core shielded Wire?

Single Core shielded Wire is intended for the application where there is  influence from electromagnetic interference (EMI), or there is triboelectric noise because of a sudden or continuous movement.

A Shielded cable is made of an unshielded cable with an extra screening structure which is usually metal (such as bared copper, tinned copper) or other conductive materials

Differences between single core shielded cable and Coaxial cable

Both of them are structured with “conductor-Insulation-Shield-Jacket”.

When use need the wire to have a fixed “characteristic impedance”,it is usually called “coaxial cable”,when there is no compulsive requirement for characteristic impedance, then a single core shielded cable is equal to coaxial cable

Types Of Single Core Shielded Wire?

In general, there are three types of shielding method: Spiral shielding and Braiding shielding and Hybrid shielding.

Hybrid shielding also has three types:

There are also Double Spiral shielding, and double braiding shielding (shielded Triaxial cable),and Spiraling and Braiding hybrid (This structure is widely used in Spo2 extension cable)

In terms of shielding layers number, it can be divided into: shielded coaxial cable and Shielded triaxial cable

There are several sub-types for spiral shield based on the shielding materials, such as “copper, aluminum foil, metal shielding cloth, grapheme coated PTFE tape, and other conductive material those are suitable for spiraling.

Braiding shielding has better shielding performance compared with spiral shielding, and can provide extra protection to the inner conductor from external forces.

Spiral shielding has the advantage of feel soft,flexible and more smooth surface, especially when the outer jacket is very thin.



It can also be classified by the conductor materials, such as Metal (Tinned Copper, Tinsel,Alloy),and Non-metal ,such as Carbon Fiber

single core shielded wire with carbon fiber conductor
single core Carbon Fiber conductor shielded cable
Graphene coating cable

There are also bundled shielded cable consists of multiple single core shield wire, which is widely used in medical field, such as ECG trunk cable

There is a special shield cable,called “Low Noise Cable ,which not only prevent EMI,but also have very small Triboelectric noise 

In  this bundled cable,each wires are single core shielded with a conductive graphene coat.

Where Is It Used For?

To Signal transmission, where there is EMI, where a shielded cable is an ideal choice.

 There are natural EMI, even it not always happen or has limited influence. Such as: (1) Atmospheric noise interference. (2) Sun noise interference: (3) Cosmic noise: (4) Electrostatic discharge

Any electrical and electronic equipment can cause human interference.  

(1) Radio transmission equipment: including mobile communication systems, radio, television, radar, navigation and radio relay communication systems.

(2) Industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) equipment: such as induction heating equipment, high-frequency welding machines, X-ray machines,.

(3) Power equipment: including servo motors, electric drills, relays, elevators and other equipment, the current drastic changes and the accompanying sparks generated by switching on and off become sources of interference

 (4) Power grid interference: refers to the interference caused by the strong electromagnetic field of the 50Hz AC power grid and the earth leakage current, as well as the micro-arc and the electric spark on the surface of the contaminated conductor caused by the poor contact of the corona and insulation rupture of the high-voltage transmission line.

single lead wire ECG cable EC201S-001

ø2.80士0.10;TPU (5040);Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

Lead 1 Ecg Single Core Shielded Wire Ecg Electrode Snap Cable EC201S-002

ø3.0士0.10;TPU (5040);Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

ECG 1 Lead Ecg Snap Cable |EC201S-005

ø2.9士0.10;TPU (4394);
Tinned Copper+Nylon


ø2.2士0.10;TPU (5040);
Carbon Fiber

Silvered Tinsel Single lead ECG cable|Ecg Snap Cable-EC201S-007

ø2.20士0.10;TPU (5040);Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

small OD single core TPU medical cable

ø2.0士0.10;TPU (5040); Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

How to Buy High-Quality Single Core shielded Wire?

A high quality cable must be able to meet your application requirement first, so you must know you are in need of a single core Coaxial or triaxial cable; what is the gauge you need; and electrical properties the cable should have. How to assure the cable will be the one as its specification show you: we see truth is not always the same as theory. A high quality single core shielded cable will the relevant testing. To cooperate with a partner who has a well-equipped lab will be very important. A Vector Network Analyzer is common used in testing in shield cable testing, especially high frequency.

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