PVC Jacketed 2 Core Shielded wire -S102S

This is an economic single pair shielded cable

The PVC Jacketed twin Core Shielded Wire is 2 core twisted pair shielded cable.The Jacket use Transparent PVC,Conductor is Bared Copper,and Spiral shield.

we also have two core shielded wire  with double sheath and each wire are separately shielded

Our 2 core twisted pair shielded cables are an excellent choice for medical applications that require precise signal transmission and superior electromagnetic interference shielding. Featuring a combination of two twisted wires and a durable shielding layer, our cables provide reliable performance and protection against outside interference. Additionally, we offer various coating options, including medical-grade PVC, silicone, TPU, and more, ensuring that our cables meet the strict requirements of medical devices.

2 core shielded cable Transparent OD3.0 mm PVC Jacket
2 core shielded cable Transparent PVC Jacket
cutting diagram of the 2 core shielded cable PVC
cutting diagram of the 2 core shielded cable PVC

technical specification

Products name2 core shielded cable Spiral PVC Jacket
ConductorMaterialBared copper/TC optional
WrapMaterialTissue Paper
ShieldMaterialTinned copper

At our company, quality is always our top priority. We understand the importance of biocompatibility testing for medical devices, which is why our 2 core twisted pair shielded cables conform to ISO10993 biocompatibility testing. Our cables are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding medical applications, ensuring reliable signal transmission and protection for both patients and medical equipment.

Apart from our standard offerings, we can also customize our cables to meet specific customer requirements. Our low minimum order quantities and free design services make it easy for customers to get the exact cable they need without sacrificing quality or incurring high costs.

In summary, our 2 core twisted pair shielded cables are an ideal solution for medical applications requiring exceptional signal transmission and electromagnetic interference shielding. With our focus on quality, biocompatibility testing, and customizability, we’re confident that our cables will meet and exceed the expectations of medical device manufacturers and providers.