3 leads ecg cable

ECG cable EC203S
3 lead ECG cable EC203S
EC203S cutting diagram
EC203S cutting diagram

3 lead ecg placement and preparation

Skin preparation

Proper skin prep is essential to obtain good quality tracing:

  • Choose designated chest electrode placement sites
  • Avoid placing electrodes over bony prominences i.e. clavicles
  • To enhance electrode skin contact and patient comfort:
    • Clip /shave excess chest hair in a 1-2 cm diameter of the designated electrode site, if necessary, with the patients consent
    • With a dry swab, gently clean /abrade electrode sites to remove loose skin cells, body oil, sweat and improve skin/electrode contact
    • If alcohol pad is used to cleanse skin, allow to site to dry, before electrode placement. ECG Electrodes are small sensor pads (self adhesive,disposable, pre gelled) applied on the skin to enable detection of the electrical activity of the heart, which is transmitted to the monitor, amplified and displayed as the ECG trace
3 lead ecg cable application

3 lead ECG cable Placement (there are two ways)

Way 1

Monitors one of the three leads:

  • RA: placed the red electrode within the frame of rib cage,right under the clavicle near  shoulder( see chart in follow picture)
  • LA: the yellow electrode is placed below  left clavicle, which is in the same level of the Red electrode
  • LL: green electrode is located on the left side,under the  pectoral muscles, lower edge of left rib cage
3 lead ECG placement

Way 2

Arrange the placement of the 3 electrode according to Eindhoven,s Triangle:

RA:place the red electrode at the Atrial Depolarization

LA:place the LA electrode at the right arm,under the right shoulder Clavicle

LL:Left leg

Note:different manufacturer may define didfferent elctrodes in different color.Please follow the manucturer,s instructure to place.

3 lead ecg placement tutor video

technical specification

Products name 
Conductor Material:Tinned or Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR
 Specification:7/0.23+200D KEVLAR
 Insulation Material:HDPE
 Conducting Layer Material:Semiconductive PVC
 Shield Material:Tinned copper
 Jacket MaterialTPU
 Colour:Matte Gray
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