2 Conductor 30AWG Jacketed Enamelled Wire

Jacketed 2 conductor 30AWG jacketed enamelled wire is a type of wire used in various electrical applications. It is composed of two conductors, each wrapped in an insulating jacket, which are then covered in an additional outer jacket. The conductors are typically made of copper, and the insulating jacket is made of enamel, which provides a layer of protection against electrical interference.

One common application of this type of wire is in the construction of transformers and other electrical components. The thin gauge and multiple conductors make it an ideal choice for winding coils, which are used to create magnetic fields within these devices.

Another application is in electronics, where the wire can be used to connect components on circuit boards. The thin gauge of the wire allows for precise connections to be made in tight spaces, and the insulation protects against electrical interference.

Jacketed 2 conductor 30AWG jacketed enamelled wire is also used in the aerospace industry, where it is employed in the construction of aircraft electrical systems. Its small size and lightweight nature make it a good choice for use in confined spaces, and the insulation helps to protect against the extreme temperatures and vibrations that are common in this environment.

Overall, the application of jacketed 2 conductor 30AWG jacketed enamelled wire is quite broad, and it is used in a wide range of industries and applications where reliable and precise electrical connections are required.

2 conductor 30AWG enamelled wire
2 conductor 30AWG enamelled wire

technical specification

Items Specification
Products name30 AWG 2 Core Enamelled Wire TPU 5040 Matt Gray Surface Jacket OD 2.0
ConductorMaterialEnamelled Wire
JacketMaterialTPU (5040)
ColourGray Matt
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