Role of Electronic Wires in coaxial cable ultrasound

In certain ultrasound probe designs, aside from coaxial cables, there may be additional non-coaxial electronic wires (unshielded) included. The functions of these extra wires depend on the specific design and application requirements. Here are some possible roles:

Power and Signal Control:

Beyond transmitting ultrasound signals, ultrasound probes need to connect to ultrasound systems for power and control signal transmission. These additional electronic wires may be utilized to transmit power, trigger signals, control commands, ensuring proper communication and coordinated operation between the probe and the system.

Support for Additional Functions:

Extra electronic wires may support additional sensors on the probe, such as temperature sensors, position sensors, markers, or other sensors. These sensors provide additional information about the probe and the contact area, contributing to optimized imaging and ensuring safety.

Multi-Channel Data Transmission:

Some designs may support multi-channel systems, transmitting multiple types of signals simultaneously to support different imaging modes or provide more comprehensive information. Non-coaxial electronic wires may be used to facilitate this multi-channel data transmission.

Flexibility and Manipulation:

In some ultrasound probes, non-coaxial electronic wires may provide extra flexibility and manipulation, catering to diverse imaging needs and the anatomical structures of patients. This might include flexible sections, allowing the probe to be more maneuverable during ultrasound examinations.

Non-coaxial electronic wires in coaxial cable ultrasound  may serve various purposes, including power and signal control, support for additional functions, multi-channel data transmission, and enhanced flexibility and manipulation. Designers may choose such configurations based on specific imaging requirements and application scenarios.

204 Wire 50PF physical foamed Ultrasound probe cable

204 Wire Ultrasound probe cable

200Cx42AWG(50pF)+4C ×30AWG Condutor:Silver plated Copper Alloy Diameter:9.60±0.40mm

146 foamed Ultrasound probe cable

146 Wire Ultrasound probe cable

.138Cx42AWG(110pF)+8C×30AWG Condutor:Silver plated Copper Alloy Diameter:6.6±0.30mm

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