Guide to Different brands compatible Ultrasound Cable

As a Ultrasound cable supplier for Probe manufacturers and Repair service provider,We are sharing some projects we have made to guide you choose a matchable ultrasound cable for your ultrasound probe assembly business or repair service.

Ultrasound cables are Featured with : Ultra-soft, small diameter, clear imaging, high accuracy, aesthetically pleasing appearance, wire gauge 38~46AWG.


Applications: Medical ultrasound probes (suitable for human or animal use), industrial ultrasound probes.


Advantages: Meets biocompatibility standards, excellent interference resistance, flexible and convenient, strong fatigue resistance. Low capacitance during our physical foamed technology

We can Custom design, development, and manufacturing available based on customer requirements or samples from customers. It is impossible for us to know all brands,s probe,specification,if you can send us a sample,we can duplicate it and improve it.

Guide to some brands

Specification Capacitance Colors Compatible Brands
200Cx42AWG+4CX30AWG 50pF White GE
138Cx42AWG+8Cx30AWG 50pF Ivory White Mindray
162Cx42AWG 50pF Ivory White Mindray
130Cx42AWG 50pF Ivory White Mindray
198Cx42AWG 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
130Cx40AWG 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
130Cx42AWG 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
198Cx44AWG 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
102C×42AWG 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
198Cx42AWG 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
128C×42AWG+10CX36AWG   Coaxial 60pF Cool Gray 2C GE
70Cx38AWG 110pF Cool Gray 2C GE
192Cx42AWG+12C×32AWG 110pF Cool Gray 4 GE
138Cx42AWG+8CX30AWG 110pF White GE
130C×38AWG 110pF Ivory White GE
130Cx40AWG 110pF Ivory White GE
82Cx38AWG 110pF Ivory White GE
266Cx43AWG 60pF Cool Gray 3C GE

Partial Compatible projects for reference

204 Wire 50PF physical foamed Ultrasound probe cable

GE 204 Core Ultrasound cable

200Cx42AWG(50pF)+4C ×30AWG Diameter:9.60±0.40mm

198C 42AWG physical foamed Ultrasound probe cable

GE 198C 42AWG Ultrasound cable

198Cx42AWG(60pF) Diameter:7.6±0.30mm

130 wire Ultrasound probe cable

GE 130 wire Ultrasound cable

130Cx42AWG(60pF) Diameter:7.0±0.30mm

198 wire 44AWG 60PF physical foamed Ultrasound probe cable

GE 198 wire 44AWG Ultrasound cable

198Cx44AWG(60pF) Diameter:8.3±0.30mm

146 foamed Ultrasound probe cable

GE 146 Wire Ultrasound cable

.138Cx42AWG(110pF)+8C×30AWG Diameter:6.6±0.30mm

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