Double Shielded 24 Core Cable of 28 Awg Shielded Twisted Pair - 12 pair shielded cable

This Double Shielded 24 Core Cable of 28 Awg Shielded Twisted Pair has a graphene layer over the insulation,which reduce the triboelectric Noise ,twisted pair..It is composed of 12 pair shielded cable

This Graphene wire cable is intended for the Quantum Laboratory of SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

In terms of medical cable with graphene coating, there are two key issue which should be solved at the same time: biocompatibility and easy eraze( means stripping the graphene coating).both of them are with high difficulty.

With the cooperation of YQF and SOUTHERN
UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, these problems has been well solved and
pass Biocompatibility test of Soochow University Biology Laboratory

This cutting-edge cable finds versatile applications in various fields, including the renowned Quantum Laboratory at Southern University of Science and Technology. While it is commonly utilized for interconnecting different devices, its potential uses extend beyond that. Here are some additional possible applications:

  1. High-Frequency Data Transmission: The shielded design and graphene-coated conductors make this cable suitable for high-frequency data transmission, ensuring minimal signal loss and excellent signal integrity. It can be used in data centers, telecommunications, or any application requiring reliable and high-speed data transfer.

  2. Scientific Research: With its exceptional shielding properties and specialized construction, this cable is ideal for scientific research environments. It can be utilized in laboratory setups, experimental apparatus, or data acquisition systems where precise and interference-free signal transmission is critical.

  3. Medical Equipment: The high-quality shielding and superior conductivity of this cable make it suitable for medical equipment applications. It can be used for connecting various medical devices, such as imaging systems, diagnostic equipment, or surgical instruments, ensuring accurate data transmission and stable performance.

  4. Industrial Automation: The robust construction, combined with the shielding capabilities, makes this cable well-suited for industrial automation applications. It can be employed in control systems, robotics, or machine-to-machine communication, delivering reliable and interference-free connectivity.

Advantages of this cable include:

a. Graphene-Coated Wire as noise layer: The graphene coating on each wire enhances conductivity, durability, and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring stable and efficient signal transmission.

b. Shielded Design: The braided shielding layer provides excellent protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), minimizing signal degradation and maximizing data integrity.

c. Versatility: The cable’s design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from scientific research to industrial automation, offering flexibility and adaptability in various environments.

As for limitations, it is important to note that the specific characteristics and performance of this cable may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended use. It is recommended to consult with the cable supplier or manufacturer for detailed specifications and suitability for your specific requirements.

Image of Graphene wire and structure

Double Shielded Graphene cable Low Noise High Frequency Pair twisted cable 24 core 12 pair twist
Double Shielded Graphene cable Low Noise High Frequency Pair twisted cable 24 core 12 pair twist
28AWG double shielded Graphene wire

technical specification

1:Specification:1/0.32TC*12P+drainwire+AL+BZ  10.7 MM PVC
ComponentComponent 1
CondoctorMaterialTINNED  COPPER
Pitch DirectionN/A
Stranded O.D0.32
NO of wire24C
O.D mm0.85±0.05
AVG. Thickness mm0.25
Min. Thickness mm0.2
 7.ORANGE 8.PINK 9.GRAY 10.transparent 11.white/red 12.white/black       B .WHITE
Low Noise LayerMaterialGraphene 0.88±0.05
TwistedPitch mm15±5A1-12&B   A1&B  A2&B
Pitch mm30±5
CablingPitch mm60±5
Material19/0.08TCdrain wire+ALInward
Outer shieldMaterial0.10TCTINNED  COPPER
JacketMaterial70  PVC 
O.D mm10.7±0.25
AVG. Thickness mm1.00
Min. Thickness mm0.80

Electronic properties

1.Conductor Resistancemax: 28AWG-0.3Ω/KM@ 20℃
2.Insulation resistance  10G OHM/M
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