5-Lead ECG Trunk Cables Comply With IEC And AHA

All types of 5-lead ECG cables available,includes Round and Flat Ribbon ,which are compatible with different brands ECG Machine, Opotional color coding for IEC and AHA..

Your will get them with different OD,Jacket material,conductor materials and Low Noise Layer technology( specially Graphene coating low noise layer which help your trunk cable 100% pass EC53 Testing.

The color of the Insulator we using are complied with IEC and AHA,which will help you to make accurate ECG cable assembly:

All you want to know about 5 leads ecg cable

Application of round and flat ribbon 5 conductor ECG trunk cable in patient cable assembly

Compatible 12 pin Philip 5 lead ecg cable AHA code

5 lead ECG cable AHA color coding

Compatible 12 pin Philip ,Trunk cable and leadwire integrated

PHLIPS compatible M1668A 5 lead ecg trunk cable and leadwires-AHA coding

5 lead ECG trunk cable-AHA

PHLIPS compatible M1668A 5 lead trunk ecg cable and leadwires-AHA coding


IEC standard 5 Lead ECG cable with SNAP


Flat ribbon 5 lead ECG leadwire

Flat ribbon 5 lead ECG leadwire

Flat ribbon 5 lead ECG leadwire. 2/3/4/6/7/10 flat ribbon ecg leadwire optional


ECG cable 5 lead with Clip-IEC

5 Lead ECG Cable with Clip Grabber of IEC standard

Raw 5 lead ecg cable trunk for choice

Based on the different color coding,and the shape of the ECG connectors,we provide a full series 5 leads raw ecg leads for your choice,not matter you are finished ecg cable assembly or repair service provider:

We can customize the cable diameter ,material of conductor/low noise layer/insulator/Jacket/wrapper and color coding according to your requirement.


for the low noise layer,if you want the trunk cable to be of super good low noise performance and smaller diameters,you can choose to use “graphene coating “,just as what 10 leads ecg trunk cable adapt,it will bring you a noise value less than 30uv

AAMI/AHA (American standard) color coding trunk cable

5 Lead ECG cable PVC EC205S-001


ø5.2士0.15 ;19/0.10 Bared Copper+250D Nylon;Sprial shield;PVCJacket-Outdated,NO Recommned

5 lead ECG cable EC205S-002


ø5.5;19/0.10 Bared Copper士0.008;Spiral Shield;TPU (5040)-Tinned Copper conductor optional

5 Lead ECG EKG Cable Spiraling Shielding With Drain Wire


ø5.0士0.15;28/0.0.08TC士0.008;Drain wire;Spiral shield;TPU -Flexible and Extra drain wire shield

IEC(European Standard) color code 5 core ecg raw trunk cable

5 lead ECG cable-Flat Ribbon Cable


ø2.00士0.10*5C;19/0.10 Tinned Copper士0.008;Sprial shield;PVC--usually For disposable purpose


There are also other ECG trunk cable with different leads ECG wire,such as 2-lead,3-Lead,4-leads,until 18-leads

If you are not sure to choose round ecg cable 5 lead or flat ribbon cable,you can refer to the connector of different brand compatible ECG connector


Both systems are described in the table below.

Code (AAMI or AHA)Code (IEC)LocationColour (AHA)Colour (IEC)
RARRight arm (inner wrist)WhiteRed
RLNRight leg (inner ankle)GreenBlack
LALLeft arm (inner wrist)BlackYellow
LLFLeft leg (inner ankle)RedGreen


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Download Biocompatibility Testing Report of Huntsman TPU5040 which is used in our ECG Cable

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