26 awg 3 Core Silicone Cable

This 3 Core Silicone Cable use 0.05mm tinned copper,which is a perfect material for making flex cable.Besides of Silicone 3 Core Flex,we also have 2 core,4 core,10 core,16 core ,18 core and so on.

For medical silicone cable,in most situation,it is customized manufactured,so no much stock available.For custom manufacturer,our delivery date is 10-15 workding days

26awg 3 core silicone cable
26awg 3 core silicone cable
silicone 3 core flex with teflon insulation
silicone 3 core flex with teflon insulation

technical specification

CondoctorMaterialTinned Copper
Construction26 AWG
Stranded O.D0.5
O.D mm1.1±0.05mm
AVG. Thickness mm0.29
Min. Thickness mm0.24
Color1.Black  2.Yellow 3.Blue
JacketMaterialMedical Silicone Rubber/Food grade Silicone rubber option
O.D mm4.1±0.15
AVG. Thickness mm0.92
Min. Thickness mm0.74
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